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Image by Kenny Orr


Grave care, cleaning and renovation.

Many of us do not have the opportunity to regularly care for and visit the grave of a deceased relative. Either because you live far away, or because you are limited in your mobility, or for any other reason. Our company takes care of graves: we take care of plantings, care of existing plants, installation of grave frames, cleaning of grave stones, repair of grave stones, and bricklaying. Watch our reference video.

It is sometimes worth entrusting the tombstones to expert hands to restore them, if not to their original state, but close to it. That way, even after years, we have the opportunity to remember him in a dignified manner in the cemetery. Our colleagues can help you with this as well, and after a preliminary survey, they are ready to give you a price quote! To do this, please contact us at our office or by phone:

+36 45 556 999     +36 30 338 2159

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