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Image by Norbert Staudt


Tiszabezdéd public cemetery

Dear Entrepreneurs!

The operator of the TISZABEZDÉD CEMETERY 01.07.2022. from the day of Hosszú & Tóth Temetkezesi Kft. 

Entrepreneurial activities carried out in a public cemetery must be reported to the cemetery operator at least 24 hours before the start of work. In view of the ongoing funeral, farewell, and mercy rites, during the time of the ceremony, work with sound and other effects that disturb the order of the ceremony and the exercise of mercy by those present may not be performed in the public cemetery.

In all cases, the notification must be made in writing after downloading and filling out the license application in the downloadable format below, which must be submitted electronically or in person by the contractor to the operator.

Electronically, the address, personally 4600 Kisvárda, Várday István u. at number 55.

Thank you for your understanding!

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