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We help you in difficult moments!


Hosszú & Tóth Temetkezési Kft.

With the helpful, attentive and careful administration of our employees, we want to take all the burden off your shoulders, so that you can fulfill your obligations in connection with the death with as little investigation as possible. Long & The employees of Tóth Temetkezezi Kft. have been dealing with funerals since 1993 in Kisvárda,  Záhony, Pátrohá, Zsurko, Döge, Nyírkarász, Vásárosnamény and the surrounding settlements.


We are in daily contact with the authorities, we are informed about the legislative changes in the funeral profession. Our colleagues are demanding and helpful people, whose help relatives can count on even in the most difficult moment during the period of mourning. The idea of establishing the company was guided by the memory of my family and my uncle Gyula Hosszú. They have dedicated decades of work, faith, and energy to making this difficult profession acceptable, understandable, and easier to process spiritually for broken families, mourners, and ordinary people alike. We welcome our clients in our high-quality furnished office, providing dignified conditions for an undisturbed funeral reception.

In our funeral showrooms, funeral supplies for the bereaved family can be viewed 24/7.

We provide a complete funeral service, we try to satisfy all needs that can ease the pain of families in difficult times.

In our funeral reception offices, relatives can order all funeral supplies and services required for the funeral. In Kisvárda, Záhony, Pátrohá, Zsurko, Döge, Nyírkarász, Vásárosnamény and, of course, in all the surrounding settlements, our staff attend the funeral during the entire time of the funeral ceremony to lend a helping hand to the bereaved relatives.


We believe that every person is unique and unrepeatable. We believe that everyone deserves a dignified and unique, personalized farewell and funeral. It belongs to everyone that the few solemn minutes on his last journey are unique and unrepeatable, just as he himself was. And the family and friends accompanying the deceased to their final resting place deserve to receive professional help and understanding support for organizing and conducting the funeral.

We trust that they will find the best solution for their needs in our offices, and that they will honor our company with their order.


Zsolt Tibor Tóth - managing director

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